MacDuffee Clan Society of North America, Inc.

Notice to all members: Please fill out the update form found in the Spring 2021 Chatter as soon as possible

The Society convenes a business meeting and gathering once each year and our President notifies us via the Clan Chatter newsletter as to date and place. This is a business and social affair and all members in good standing are urged to attend and contribute to our Scottish Heritage. This meeting has been held at Grandfather Mountain near Linville, NC for over 50 years.

The Clan Society Genealogy Chair and family line specialists provide a central source of our ancestor data. A number of our current members are accomplished genealogists and contribute significant historical information to our database each year. If you have a keen interest in a particular family line please let us know.

The linchpin of our communications is the "Clan Chatter" published twice a year. This publication provides a forum for all of us to share family data and keep up to date on Clan Society matters. We welcome member articles to be submitted for sharing ancestor data.

All officers serve on a voluntary basis and devote many hours to Clan Society affairs. If you have interest in accepting a position to support the Clan Society please let any current officer know of your interest.

Each new member will receive a Certificate of Membership, a copy of the Clan Society By Laws, the Clan Chatter, access to genealogical information collected by the Clan Society, participation in events and all rights and privileges of membership.

All new applicants for membership must be sponsored by a member in good standing. Applications are available from the Clan Society Secretary and the clan website.

Currently there are three classes of membership available:
Founder One time $1000
Life One time $150
Annual $25 per annum

It is assumed that many people modified the name of MacDuffee to McDuffie, McDuffee, McPhee, MacPhee, Mcfie, McAfee, MacGuffey, Duffee, Duffy, Fee and MaHaffie. All descendants of persons bearing any of the aforementioned surnames or any spellings derived from them are eligible for membership. All persons directly connected by marriage, descended from or adopted by persons bearing such surnames are also eligible.

Associate membership is reserved for those who have performed a special service for the Clan Society and requires sponsorship by a current officer.

Your application for membership is invited for consideration. For additional information please contact or send completed applications to:
MacDuffee Clan Society Secretary
9902 Woods Edge Dr.
Fishers, IN 46037-9341
Or scan and email to

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