MacDuffee Clan Society of North America
Highlights from 2016

Grandfather Mountain Highland Gathering

Our 54th Annual General Meeting of the MacDuffee Clan Society was held July 9th 2016 at the Chief’s Tent on Grandfather Mountain with about 25 members in attendance. We had over 40 members stop by the tent. Membership has grown very nicely. The financial report was provided by David McDuffie, VP and Treasurer. Our operating fund and investments remained consistent for the year and we are in a solid position for 2017. It was reported that the MacDuffee Clan society is fully subscribed to the new Clan Cairn Memorial to be constructed on Grandfather. Following the announcement last year of this new opportunity our members “stepped up” and provided donations that funded our $1,000 contribution in 30 minutes. Even though we are funded if you would like to be included as a contributor to the memorial please send your support to David McDuffie our Treasurer. All current members of the Executive Committee were elected to their next term. We are pleased to announce the addition of Life Member Allan McDuffie of Wilmington, NC as a new Vice President for the Clan Society.

Loon Mountain Highland Games

Following last year’s success (Best Clan Tent) in New Hampshire we sponsored a Clan Society tent at Loon and we were honored to have Dr. Joseph John Morrow, the Lord Lyon, King of Arms, the Honorary Chieftain for the 2016 NH Highland Games & Festival visit our tent. We also had one of our Clan Society members named 2016 Best Dressed Highlander with the award being presented by the Lord Lyon. David McDuffie of Georgia, Donna McDuffee of Massachusetts, Diane McDuffee of New Hampshire and the McDuffees of Indiana worked the tent at Loon.

The second MacDuffee the Younger Scholarship was awarded to Loch McFee of Rhode Island. Her award was presented at the Loon Mountain Highland Games in New Hampshire. Loch is involved in preservation of wildlife, tutoring fellow students, volunteering as a ski instructor and the arts. She has competed in Harp competition at the Highland Games in Connecticut along with her father Stuart McFee who has competed in heavy athletics. Her great grandfather, Gilbert McFee, was a stonemason who was born in Dundee, Scotland and immigrated to America in 1908. Loch plans on attending the University of Rhode Island.

The current Lord Lyon King of Arms, Dr. Joseph J. Morrow of Scotland visits the MacDuffee
Clan Society Tent on Loon Mountain in New Hampshire and is greeted by Thomas P.
McDuffee, President MacDuffee Clan Society

Donna McDuffee, David McDuffie and Jen McDuffee greeted guests all weekend at the Loon Mountain Games

Indianapolis Games

Opening Ceremonies Clan Tent: Jen McDuffee and twin
Granddaughters Ella & Audrey McDuffee work
the Clan Society Tent at the Indianapolis Games

Upcoming Events

It is time to plan your Scottish family travels for 2017. It was announced that our 55th Annual meeting will be held on Grandfather Mountain, Saturday July 8, 2017. The Society will also sponsor a tent at the 2017 New Hampshire Highland Games held at Loon Mountain near Lincoln, NH, September 15, 16 and 17. The International Clan Macfie announced that a Clan Gathering will be held September 6th to 9th 2017 in Stirling, Scotland.