MacDuffee Clan Society of America, Inc.
Highlights from 2017

Grandfather Mountain Highland Gathering

Our 55th Annual General Meeting of the MacDuffee Clan Society was held July 8th 2017 at the Chief’s Tent on Grandfather Mountain with about 25 members in attendance. The financial report was provided by David McDuffie, VP and Treasurer. Our operating fund and investments remained consistent for the year and we are in a solid position for 2018. All current members of the Executive Committee were elected to their next term.

For the second year in a row MacDuffee women have earned a medal in the Highland Women’s Wrestling on Grandfather Mountain. Kayla Ingram, whose mother is our Clan Society Technical Officer Staci Ingram and the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Celia Mahaffey, is a 7th grader living in Alexander County, North Carolina. Kayla loves to draw, build Lego creations, read, and celebrate her Celtic ancestry which is fairly obvious with her amazing red hair. Kayla has been competing in the children’s highland wrestling event at Grandfather Mountain for the last 5 years. This past year was her first time to medal in competition. She decided to take up highland wrestling after trying regular wrestling with her mother and then learning that there was a highland version while watching the children's events at Grandfather Mountain. Despite having autism, Kayla has been very successful in her school studies and this year placed 2nd in Women’s Highland Wrestling in her division proving that hard work pays off. She is quoted as saying, “I love Clan MacDuffee. It is the best clan ever!”

A new memorial at the entrance to the meadow has “Clan Memorial Stones” each 24" square by 2" thick set permanently in concrete as a second lasting memorial at MacRae Meadows to the Clans and approved Societies based on past participation. “MacRae Meadows is the most appropriate US location for such a memorial because of many factors: the permanent association of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games with the Meadows, the visibility of the event worldwide, and the especially deep association of Grandfather Mountain to the Annual gathering of Scottish Clans and Families.” Next time you are at Grandfather look for both Memorials. The MacDuffee Clan Society was the second Memorial Stone placed in the new location just above the stone for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. Thanks to donations from a number of special MacDuffee Clan Society members we were placed in the front row.

Loon Mountain Highland Games

Following last year’s success (Best Dressed Highlander) in New Hampshire we sponsored a Clan Society tent at Loon. Once again, we had an award winning tent as seen below, and our attendance seems to be growing.

Indianapolis Highland Games

This year we were honored to add another games event added to our repertoire, the Indianaopolis Highland Games. The Indianapolis games had about 15 McDuffees from Indiana in attendance and were sponsored by a member donation. Tom McDuffee and granddaughter, Ella opened the Indianapolis Games for Clan MacDuffee.

Donna McDuffee also made a trek to visit the McDuffee Whisky Bar in Indiana.

International Meeting

Donna McDuffee Infantino attended the International Clan Parliament in September in Scotland as our representative. The final decision regarding a land donation in Scotland was respectfully rejected due primarily to tax and control provisions which were not acceptable. Multiple administrative issues were discussed. The group of delegates then visited Stirling Castle prior to a small group visit to Colonsay and Oronsay our ancestral home in Scotland. A special thank you to Donna for representing the MacDuffee Clan Society and making a presentation covering our Scholarship program to all the Societies represented.

Upcoming Events

It is time to plan your Scottish family travels for 2018. It was announced that our 56th Annual meeting will be held on Grandfather Mountain, Saturday July 14, 2018.
Due to schedule conflicts the previously announced sponsorship of a Clan Tent at Loon Mountain Highland games has been canceled for 2018 due to numerous schedule conflicts. We will return to Loon in 2019. Instead of attending Loon Mountain this Fall we will be sponsoring a MacDuffee Clan Society Tent at the Scotland County Highland Games in Laurinburg, North Carolina on October 6, 2018. The web site for these Games is This area of North Carolina has an extremely rich Scottish Heritage and was populated by many McDuffies starting in the mid-1700’s until today. Multiple current MacDuffee Clan Society families are connected to this historic area of Clan migration to North America.
Contact hotels early as the Games in these smaller communities fill up quickly.

Cheers to another year from our president (right) and vice-president/treasurer (left)
David McDuffie and Tom McDuffee!